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Excel Crash Course for Non-Financial Professionals on Financial Modeling & Analysis

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Excel Crash Course for Non-Financial Professionals on Financial Modeling & Analysis

Excel Crash Course Description

In this Excel Crash tutorial, you will learn all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions and formulas you need to be a power user. This Excel course is designed specifically for spreadsheet users who are already performing professional analysis and modeling or are looking to prep for advancing career. Learn industry-leading best practices. Take Dayspring’s Excel Crash Course now to advance your career!

Excel tutorial & training details

This spreadsheet training course starts with the Excel basics and quickly progresses to a more advanced level where even experts will learn something new. We think it's important to start at the bottom and build a solid base, which is why we review all the foundational skills you need before building more advanced spreadsheets. In this Excel tutorial, you'll learn to ditch the mouse and use only keyboard shortcuts to dramatically improve your spreadsheet building skills.

In the second session of the Excel crash course, you'll notice the functions and formulas getting more sophisticated and the quality of financial analysis and financial modeling becoming much higher. This half of the class focuses on finance-specific formulas that you'd use as an analyst performing financial analysis on the job.

What am I going to get from this Crash Excel course?

  • Learn everything you need to know about Excel spreadsheets for a career in corporate world.
  • Master keyboard shortcuts, functions, and formulas to save time speed up your modeling skills
  • Follow industry-leading best practices; simulates on-the-job analyst training
  • Stand out in an interview or move up the ladder at work by dramatically boosting your MS Excel skills and confidence
  • Get an Excel Crash course certificate of completion